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What is is a YouTube to MP3 Converter that can convert in high-quality output the formats mp3, mp4, webm and m4a. Our youtube converter can convert YouTube MP3 up to 320kbps with Variable Bitrate (VBR) for Premium Audio Quality. The Audio File with Constant Bitrate (CBR) is processed faster than with Variable Bitrate (VBR), but the audio quality is not as well optimizated for high quality, even if it is constant 320kbps (most other youtube converters use Constant Bitrate due to conversion speed; we prefer highest quality & good conversion speed instead of the fastest one). MP4 and webm up to 8K and m4a up to 128kbs.

We process your submission in few seconds, depending on the length of Youtube & Soundcloud videos/audio. Our web application can be accessed from all platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Everything is free, mobile friendly, with no limits of video conversions per day.

We use m4a (MPEG 4 audio) as a default audio format because it has higher quality and less size than the old MP3 (MPEG3 audio). It is also used by Apple in iTunes as a default format. It is supported by most of the platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, MAC OS and Linux.

The download speed depends on your internet speed and of course of our server. Having no limits, the download speed must be influenced by the number of users active on site at that moment. We try to upgrade our download servers every month in order to provide a good user experience. Our server can send files to each user with a speed up to ~50Mb/s. We apologize in advance if our server is too busy and your download speed is lower.

Terms and Conditions

You can use the files that you download just for personal use. You are not able to distribute them. If you want to use them for commercial use we recommend you to purchase them from singer, youtuber, supporting their work. The downloaded files cannot be used for comercial use because of the Copyright Law. By using this site you accept this law. Applying it, you respect the authors of the files.

Audio Cutter

You can "cut" any Audio after you have converted it. The process is very fast, instantly.


We do not convert any file longer than 5 hours because its conversion takes a lot of time. Our length limits are up to 5 hours for M4A, up to 3 hours for MP3 and up to 30 minutes for video MP4 and WEBM. We have to provide a very good user experience to all of you. That is not possible if one user converts/downloads big files. Thank you for understanding.

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Bugs & Suggestions

For bug reporting & suggestions, contact us on Facebook or via Facebook Messenger.
We will do our best to solve your requests in the shortest possible time!
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